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Hummer 2 Super Stretch 2006

Want to make Your appearance effective? Royal Riga Limousine service offers You the perfect way how to do that!
Shinny Hummer 2 Super Stretch will be the best companion for You and Your friends. It will make your appearance impressive every where You will go.

Hummer 2006 Super Stretch luxury limousine offers shinny and impressive outside, modern and very stylish interior with contemporary bar, high quality audio system, classy design accents - these are just some of the extras which this car gives to You. Brilliant deal for acceptable price. Limousine is comfortable for 29 persons, excellent choice for big groups of people.
Come and make your arrival impressive.

Technical info - features luxurious leather interior, bar, fridge, air conditioning, DVD player, TV, CD/MP3 player and intercom system.